Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's been a while since Iv'e added anything to our blog but I promise I'll try to do a better Job from now on. There is a lot of issues now and one of the most important is the amendment to S1507. If you have not done so it is so important that you contact your Senators and tell them in no uncertain terms NOT to pass this bill. The admendment that requires Arbitrators to consider the Postal Services financial health is a major blow to our Bargaining Umit rights and with the contract negociations beginning soon this has to be stopped. Our Local has a new Editor for the Union newsletter the "Cape Crusader." I want to thank Mark Johnson for stepping up to take this on for all of us. The next issue will be comming out the first full week of October and if you are interested in reading our little newsletter it can be provided either in electronic format (you provide us with your Email address) or if you would like a hardcopy send a self addressed envelope with 2 stamps to: Cape Area Local #4088
P.O. Box 001
Cape Girardeau, Mo 63702
Email Address: post_man61@yahoo.com
Well enough for now I'll add more later just remember:
"An injury to one is an injury to all"
Later Brother and Sisters in solidarity.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

MPWU Fall Seminar

Once again the intrepid Stewards and officers of your Union have returned from a grueling training opportunity and bring additional knowledge with them to better serve the members of the Cape Girardeau Area Local #4088 of the American Postal Workers Union. There was some good news along with the bad but that goes without saying in this troubled economy. I would like to thank Barb Campbell, Chris Pobst, Paul Miederhoff, Melissa Sullivan, Chris Wilkerson for their dedication to the Union and attending the training which will only help us to better represent the Members of Our Union in the Future. And a good time was had by all (except the night stand in C.P. hotel room :) wink wink) Thanks
Jay R

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Discipline/Information removal from your eOPF

If you have been issued any level of Discipline other than a Job Discription and the time limit of the discipline has expired OR it was expunged due to the grievance procedure you MUST request in writing its removal from your eOPF!!

You may view your eOPF on any NON-POSTAL computer by going to the USPS LITE Blue site and selecting the eOPF option. Employees interested in reviewing their own Official Personnel Folder (OPF) are now required to view it in electronic format, not in hardcopy. Everyone should be aware that there are times when material in the OPF is incorrect, outdated or incomplete and that the individual employee has certain rights to assure that the OPF information is correct and up to date. The Postal Service recently issued a form for the purpose of assisting employees in obtaining corrections to the OPF -- or eOPF in the new terminology. This is the PS Form 8043. It allows the individual employee to request amendments, for specific reasons, to be made to his or her eOPF. See your Steward for this form.

Art #1.6.B Dont let them get away with this!!!

Reversion / Maximization in 1.6.B. offices

Article 7.3.B. requires the Service to maximize full-time and minimize part-time in 1.6.B. offices. This is an ongoing obligation. Automatically reverted full-time positions in small offices upon the retirement of a clerk “triggers” a violation of 7.3.B. where the reason for reversion (Article 37) is to gain “flexibility.”

In this case the only clerk in the office worked the window exclusively for 40 years! Upon his retirement, they hired 2 PTFs working one 3 days a week, the other 2 days a week to cover the Monday through Friday full-time window position. Management cannot revert a position on paper when the duties still exist and are assigned to PTFs for flexibility.

Lake of the Ozarks State Seminar

On Friday, October 17th, 6 brave souls will depart for Osage Beach to participate in another training opportunity to enable the Stewards and Officers of YOUR Union to better serve you. Wish us luck on this trip and keep us in your thoughts.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Welcome to the first installment of our Union Solidarity blog spot. IF you have any questions you would like to ask or statements to make in regards to how we run our Union in the Cape Girardeau Area facilities just type away.
Jay R